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…because parents have only one opportunity to give a child 

the proper education that carries them through adulthood.


Are you looking for a kindergarten that is as nurturing as your child’s family oriented preschool?

Only Elite Scholar Academy offers the opportunity for this continued learning environment


Have you been unsuccessfully trying to get your child’s school to fit their needs?

Only at Elite Scholar Academy, we completely understand the challenges you are facing and know exactly how to help.


Does it feel like there is something not quite right about the education your child is receiving, but you are not getting honest answers from their school?

Only at Elite Scholar Academy can there be an end to the confusion and frustrations.

As an Elite Scholar, your smart child will no longer be a struggling learner.  

We successfully guide students through a positive and purposeful academic experience.

Located in South Tampa, Elite Scholar Academy offers an exclusive opportunity for your child to be individually guided to reach their full academic potential in a true private setting!

We are the only school in existence providing genuine individualized education.  True individual attention only occurs with less than 8 students in any given learning setting.  In addition, each of our programs accepts a low number of students, who are in turn, assisted in an average 1 teacher to 4 students ratio.

Our Academy prides itself on guiding and nurturing academically curious Kindergarten through 8th grade students. Talented instructors work alongside scholars in our welcoming and lively setting where material is delivered in a positive, motivating and challenging way.  Scholars discover and develop their intellectual and creative abilities in an environment where high standards are the norm and a love of learning is nurtured in engaging, yet relaxed surroundings.

High School students have even further individualized study opportunities with what is typically a one to one teacher student arrangement.

We invite you to visit us and experience Elite Scholar Academy first-hand, where less than 30 students are accepted into our revolutionary program.elite scholar academy-english 1

Be assured that:

When it comes to your child’s education,

your lifestyle shouldn’t sacrifice and their experience shouldn’t suffer.

You can have the best of both worlds. 

Keeping what’s important first, and never settling again for anything

less than the most optimal education.

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