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Kindergarten through 8th Grade

We are pleased to offer our private school designed Kindergarten through 8th graders and arranged for small classes of one to eight accepted Scholars.  All subjects are studied while arranged around a creative, productive and successful schedule based on each individual student.  Our Private School, which is built on high academic standards, is an excellent choice for all students and the best solution for those who are successful in non-traditional school environments.

Throughout classes, we encourage and guide our students to manage their academic expectations in healthy and balanced ways.  Students benefit from a solid foundation in every subject, with no gaps in material.

We use our broad knowledge and many years of teaching experience to allow scholars to excel in a safe place. Utilizing a variety of solid, rigorous curriculum and like-minded teachers naturally leads to discovery and awareness at Elite Scholar Academy!

We believe in the foundational importance of academically curious young people to belong to a kind, creative, diverse, and joyful environment. We challenge our students to engage deeply in learning and appreciate one another.

High School

Our high school opportunity is the perfect arrangement for the student who would benefit from a continued individual setting or, for any given reason, is in need of beginning such an arrangement.  Inquire to learn the countless ways we can assist your teen through these critical years.

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Our uniquely exclusive Private School focuses attention on:

*Application Accceptance Private Program for like-minded families

*Family focused education

*Small classes with seating for 1 to 8 students receiving individual attention

*Classes meet Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 8:45am-2:00pm

*Monday and Friday Study Hall and Enrichment opportunities

*Manageable homework

*Daily focus on Executive Skills, along with social, emotion and character building guidance

*Reasonable reinforcement work on Monday and Friday

*Before and after school care available

*Quarterly Progress reports

*Solid, rigorous curriculum with realistic pace and expectations

*One week reinforcement breaks after each quarter

*Welcoming atmosphere students enjoy attending

Less than 30 students accepted, in order to best educate each student in our revolutionary program.

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Individuality Promoted and Appreciated

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