If you have a feeling that tutoring is needed for your child, Elite Scholar Academy’s private school is the solution you are looking for!

Given the public school system and common core curriculum, in particular, nearly every student is struggling and not receiving an education built on a solid academic foundation.  Whether your child is in public or private school, larger class sizes of 15 plus students makes learning difficult.

We did not always feel this way about tutoring.  In 2010, we began and instantly were running a very successful tutoring service and helping countless students.  By 2012, we realized student’s needed beyond an after school tutor for a few hours a week.  They needed the opportunity for true individual attention as their daytime schooling option.  This is why we custom designed Elite Scholar Academy.

Please call us for a private school tour and to learn more about how Elite Scholar Academy’s private academy can bring joy to your child’s learning!



At Elite Scholar Academy, we firmly believe in students continuing education during the summer months.

This is a critical time to improve on weak areas, get ahead, as well as, retain what your child worked hard on learning all last school year.

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