Given the public school system and common core curriculum, in particular, nearly every student is struggling and not receiving an education built on a solid academic foundation.  In addition, whether your child is in public or private school, larger class sizes of 15 plus students makes learning difficult.

For students enrolled in other daytime programs, Elite Scholar is pleased to provide additional after school academic assistance.  This is the perfect opportunity to fill in the gaps for a student that is only struggling in one subject.  We are pleased to also guide on-level students to stay on track and get ahead.  Our quiet and calming environment, combined with our unique teaching practice, provides a productive use of after school hours. Due to our specific and individual approach, there are a limited number of standing after school appointments available.

Unfortunately, most students are struggling with two or three of the core subjects (reading, writing, math).  Through our countless years of experience, even daily tutoring does not adequately help students in this situation.  The daytime private education Elite Scholar Academy provides is the only solution to the multi-faceted approach to a true solution.


At Elite Scholar Academy, we firmly believe in students continuing education during the summer months.

This is a critical time to address all subjects.  We improve on weak areas, getting ahead, as well as, retaining what your child worked hard on learning all last school year.

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Only at Elite Scholar Academy can there be an end to the confusion and frustrations.

Fun Academic Student Enrichment-FASE @ ESA

(PreK through 8th Grade)

Our unique after school academic enrichment program is designed for on-level students to enhance core foundational subjects.

Finally, an opportunity for your child to further improve reading, writing, math and thinking skills using fun and engaging activities with purpose and focus through our Math Madness and Critical Thinking Games! Meets weekly.

Book Club

For all ages, reading is the best foundation for learning!  During the elementary years, reading is heavily encouraged by schools.  Unfortunately, as soon as 6th grade, students are typically no longer expected to read for pleasure, and class requirements expect only one to two books in a school year. We are on a mission to instill the love of reading, especially the Classics!  This is why ESA is proud to offer our Book Club Programs for K4 through High Schoolers!  This is a fun and engaging way to get your young and older children (along with their friends) to love all types of literature, while instilling a variety of additional learning components!