Not every tutor is the right “fit” for your child. Before you select a tutor, we suggest you follow these 3 steps before you hire a tutor…even us.

First, be sure to include your child in the process. Talk to them about why you believe tutoring will help them and why getting the help they need now is better than waiting. Explain that hoping the issue will go away will only make it worse, and remind them that the tutor is only there to help them be the best they can be. This is a vital conversation, so don’t skip it. If your child is not comfortable with their tutor, the tutoring sessions will not be as beneficial.

Next, with both your child and the prospective tutor present, discuss the goals you talked about with your child’s teacher. Again, be very specific here. During the interview, talk to the tutor about his or her background, specialties and qualifications. Learn what he or she considers to be his or her areas of expertise and favored teaching styles. Make sure the tutor understands your expectations. Ask for references. If possible, contact the tutor’s other clients and get specific feedback. Discuss the fee. Each tutoring provider will have a unique rate and fee structure.