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family photo shooot 11.13 img3We are John and Kimberly Meck, educators with over 30 years of experience.  We have served in numerous teaching and administrative capacities.

In 1989, during our teens and early 20s, we began coordinating and teaching preschool through adult Sunday School classes, as well as, elementary midweek programs, at our home church of 28 years, in the Chicago area.

John is a second career teacher with a Master’s Degree in Education.  He has taught elementary public school for three years in Illinois, just outside Chicago.

John has also coached sports teams for elementary and middle schoolers for eight years.

In October 2009, the Lord called us to Florida for John to accept an elementary teaching position in Hillsborough County.  It was an unexpected, yet positive transition for our family.

In July 2010, we launched HonoRoll Tutoring which, through a team of tutors, assists public, private, virtual and homeschool kindergarten through 12th grade students in Hillsborough County.

We have also directed and taught homeschoolers ranging from preschool through high school for three years through HonoRoll Tutoring and Seven Mountains Homeschool Academy in Brandon.

Our Story:

We began homeschooling our oldest child preschool in 1999.  Upon our move to Florida, she completed 8th grade in public school.  She returned to homeschooling after one year in public school and graduated through Elite Scholar Academy in 2015.  Our oldest son graduated with us in 2017.  Our two younger children are also Elite Scholars.

Kimberly has been responsible for educating our children.   Through the years, we have used and researched many types of curriculum.  We have also assisted countless homeschooling parents and discussed their positive and negative experiences with curriculum, co-ops and classes.

Becoming Elite Scholar:

Beginning in 2012, we had a very clear vision to expand on our tutoring and homeschool class model.  In addition, we created a coaching and consulting program to guide parents through all academic options available to children.

By 2013, Elite Scholar Academy was becoming an established reality.   After teaching 4 years in Hillsborough County, John resigned as a public school teacher in order to work alongside Kimberly to create an educational model that could successfully bridge the gap and eliminate the frustrations that many students are experiencing in all schooling models.

John’s classroom teaching and our tutoring service experience played a large part in the creating of Elite Scholar.   These experiences allowed us the opportunity to assist students enrolled in every education model possible.

There are frustrations that exist for many parents and students in the typical schooling environment.  As a result of our well rounded exposure to all the schooling options available to families, we have combined the most effective and academically sound components of each and molded them into a revolutionary program.

This was all done in order to positively educate each student the most effective and productive way possible.

We would be honored to meet with you and help you understand how our unique and cutting edge program can benefit your children and family.

Please call to schedule an appointment today to see if your child is a fit.  If you meet our criteria for admittance, a comprehensive consultation will be scheduled.

Instructing a child, while cultivating an individual, 

through intentional teaching and modeling

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