Parents have only one opportunity to give a child 

the proper education that carries them through adulthood.


Elite Scholar offers the exclusive opportunity

for your child to receive a private education,

not just attend a private school….

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Be one of the few families who experience the countless

benefits of a critically thinking Elite Scholar!

Preschool through 12th Grade

The educational journey begins at Elite Scholar Academy with our two year Kindergarten class just for your four or five year old (K4/K5).  Just a few little ones are selected to nurture their love of exploring the world around them.  We carefully foster a love of reading, which is be best foundation for learning.

Elite Scholar Academy’s boutique private school is designed for an exclusive few families.  We are pleased to offer our research and experience based Classical Education program for just a few of the right fit children to learn from our dynamic Private Educators. 

Elite Scholar Academy’s philosophy is centered around only high academic standards resulting in an on-going and solid college prep experience.  Our approach provides an exceptional choice for all students, and in particular, the best solution for those who are successful in non-traditional schooling environments.  As a result of our broad knowledge and many years of teaching experience,  children who are accepted at Elite Scholar Academy excel in a safe environment.

Individuality Promoted and Appreciated

Each of our classes is designed for one to six accepted Scholars with all subjects studied and arranged around a creative, productive and successful schedule.  Though in a small group, learning is continually based on each individual student.  As needed, one on one teaching is practiced.

Like-minded educators utilize a wide variety of successful curriculum.  Throughout classes, we encourage and guide our Scholars to manage their academic expectations in healthy and balanced ways through critical thinking.  Students benefit from a solid foundation in every subject, with no gaps in material.

Beyond academics, it is critical for academically curious young people to belong to a kind, creative and joyful environment where they are challenged to learn about and appreciate one another.  Along with this, guiding a child’s social and emotional character is also nurtured while enrolled with us.  Discovery and awareness in these areas are additional positive outcomes of our stellar learning environment.

On a daily basis, Elite Scholar Academy’s progressive approach is successful due to the numerous systems designed to properly educate the whole-child, who we are privileged to teach.  Elite Scholars develop the confidence, resilience and determination to move on to the next stage of their educational journey able to tackle challenges and embrace change with courage, compassion and integrity.

We successfully guide Scholars through a positive and purposeful academic experience.

High School

Our High School opportunity is the perfect arrangement for the student who would benefit from a continued private setting or, for any given reason, is in need of beginning such an arrangement.  Inquire to learn the countless ways we can assist your teen through these critical years.

Summer Learning

All Elite Scholars benefit from our customized learning during our Summer Scholar Days!

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Following are just a few of the components our Exclusive Private Education Experience:

*Application acceptance for just a few like-minded families

*Small classes with seating for 1 to 6 students

*True individual attention

*Daily focus on organization and executive skills

*Daily social, emotional & character building guidance

*Positive Social Environment with peers and adults

*Cursive writing & Typing

*Solid, rigorous curriculum with realistic pace and expectations

*On-going foundational teaching in all subjects, with no gaps

*Welcoming atmosphere where Scholars enjoy attending and love learning

*On-going open dialogue between Elite Scholar Academy and Parents

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