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More than Pleased with our Academic Services

Our daughter was struggling in the first grade at a regular public school. We decided to hire a private tutor to help with her reading and that is when we found Kimberly Meck and Elite Scholar Academy. Kimberly tutored our daughter for months and her reading improved. However, she was still not getting what she needed in the classroom with only one teacher and too many students. So, we made the decision to have her attend Elite Scholar Academy for second grade and she has had the best year ever! Gone are the days of crying for hours and struggling to get through homework. My daughter now loves to go to school and Kimberly and John Meck have really helped her learn and attain the confidence that she would have never had if we kept her in public school. It was the best decision we ever made to help our daughter!   -Mike and Jennifer H., Apollo Beach FL

ESA creates a comfortable and caring setting where children can learn at their own pace. My son’s confidence increased along with his academics at ESA. Before ESA, my son was sad and frustrated at public school. Now, he actually looks forward to doing school work with Ms. Kimberly!   -Tina R., Tampa FL

If anyone has (or knows of) a child struggling in school, PLEASE give Elite Scholar Academy a call! We’ve had the pleasure of having Kimberly (teacher/owner) tutor Abby, and she’s fantastic!!! Abby LOVES her! She is so kind and patient with both of my kids. Abby really caught on quickly to what was being taught, and she isn’t intimidated by math anymore. Thank you so much Kimberly and Elite Scholar!   -Rei J., Riverview FL

During the 2013-14 school year, our high school daughter was a student at Seven Mountains Homeschool Academy, which was directed by John and Kimberly Meck.  We were so pleased with the experience and the education she received, that we enrolled her in Elite Scholar Academy for the 2014-15 school year.  We continued to be encouraged by the high quality education and individualized attention our 11th grader received!  On a scale from 1 to 10, our family rates the school a 10!  Elite Scholar has an awesome staff that is committed, knowledgeable, caring and is always ready and willing to listen to students and families.  John and Kimberly have made it their priority to allow each child to receive the best education possible.   As a result, we look forward to our daughter being a senior here and graduating as a 2016 Elite Scholar!   -Jenn C., Thonotosassa FL

After having our son attend some of the best schools in Tampa, we found Elite Scholar Academy. We are so blessed to of discovered this academy.  Our son went from struggling with reading to having a passionate LOVE of reading within 5 months- none of the high rated schools both private and public were able to bring this out in him. Elite Schloar Academy was the best decision EVER!   -O’Hara M., Tampa FL

Our son likes school better now than ever before, since going to Elite for after school homework and study sessions.  As an exhausted parent, I used to dread a child in a bad mood because of school. This is exactly what our family has been missing!  Thankful for the thoughtfullness and caring of Elite and staff.   -Lois B., Riverview FL

I just can’t recommend Elite Scholar enough with their insight.  They love and care for each of their own homeschooled children and extend their knowledge to this community, because they care as educators.

I only wish someone had held up a sign outside our school saying, ‘Need advice about homeschooling?  Here we are!’  It would have saved all of us a great deal of havoc.

Many parents flounder in a sea of knowledge about homeschooling.  Let Elite Scholar be your raft as you weather the storm.  Heaven knows we all need a hand in such a great decision.

John and Kimberly have developed Elite Scholar to help develop a stable homeschool environment developed around a solid academic family environment.

Many parents flounder in a sea of knowledge about homeschooling.   Let Elite Scholar be your raft to weather the storm.  Heavens knows we all need a hand in such a great decision.  What they have to offer homeschool parents is invaluable.  Their perspective, guidance, and use of good structure is key to having your homeschooling not only successful, but fulfilling.  They are providing an unmeasurable asset to new homeschool families.  It’s an asset I wish I had so much earlier to lean on.  I am excited to endorse them.  I am thrilled they implemented their skills in this community.  It’s a true talent extended to us homeschoolers.

I am excited that now parents have this resource to get the ‘ins and outs’ of homeschooling through Elite Scholar Academic Coaching and Consulting.   -Rachel D., Dover FL

I have known John and Kimberly Meck for several years now.  Prior to them opening up Elite Scholar Academy in Tampa, they oversaw an existing home education program in Brandon.  They identified areas that needed more structure to give a full and complete education to students.  Out of this need arose Elite Scholar Academy.  Their passion to see children succeed, meet the Florida Sunshine State Education Standards and go beyond those standards while still allowing the children to be their unique selves was quite refreshing and encouraging.  Their program gives the basis and structure that parents need when venturing into the uncharted waters of home education while still expecting the parents to be hands on participants in their child’s education on the days when they are at home – home schooling.  The flexibility of the program afforded my family to have long weekends away without having their absences counted against them.  The small class size and individual attention benefits every child and allows the entire class to move forward at a much faster pace than traditional school without students being left behind.  My son has since graduated from high school and the Mecks still keep in contact with us.  I believe Elite Scholar Academy to be a great blend of home education and education outside the home.
-Melanie G., Campobello SC

It is with much appreciation that I send this very special email. Thank you so much for teaching my children, Kate 9 and Aaron 7 to enjoy writing. I was frustrated and realized I was at a loss on how to teach them to write. I decided that I needed to seek the expertise of someone who loved to write and could teach them to love to write. I discovered that HonoRoll Tutoring (now Elite Scholar Academy) was offering IEW writing classes. After meeting with Kimberly, immediately I knew this was what my children needed. Over the year, I observed Aaron and Kate go from lacking confidence in writing one paragraph, to confident writers that could outline and write seven paragraphs without a problem. The oral speaking gave them confidence and the satisfaction that others would hear their writing, which inspired them to do their best. My children walked away with an array of knowledge and a beautiful autobiography that they wrote throughout the year. It will be a treasured keepsake forever.  Thank you again for making each of my children believe that they can write with much success. You have been a blessing to our family.

-Sharon F., Riverview FL

Thank you for such a wonderful year! My daughter learned so much while taking English with Mrs. Kimberly Meck at Seven Mountains Homeschool Academy .   The class met once a week for an hour and a half.  It started on time and the day was spent on instruction and discussion. They used a variety of curriculum from IEW, Wordly Wise and Easy Grammar Plus.  Homework for the week was explained and the student was well informed about the assignments and the due dates.  During the year, each student read three books and wrote corresponding book reports.   The school was organized and run very well.  I would highly recommend this class and school to other families choosing to home school.   -Tracy Wyman, Valrico FL

Our 5 year old, Maddie, really enjoys classes, and has a blast working with you.  I think it’s good for her to have an “outside” teacher.  Today once we got home, she went on asking me.  “Mom, did you know that 10 times 2 is twenty?”  And then I started asking her questions like, 2×2, 2×3 all the way through 2×9 and she’s picking up on it.  Thank you for inspiring her.   -Allison V., Wimauma FL

We highly recommend HonoRoll In-Home Tutoring (now Elite Scholar Academy)! Our family had a great experience with John and Kimberly Meck. They are passionate educators who care about the success of the students and purpose to come alongside the parents to share the wisdom they have gained through many years of teaching. Our children had engaging classes and finished the year with solid skills and understanding. Couldn’t be more pleased and appreciative to the Meck’s for their dedication to providing a program of excellence.

-James and Sara C., Brandon FL

John Meck, tutored my elementary daughters for a year.  He did an absolutely amazing job!  It was a joy to watch my girls learn and grow in reading and math, while working with him.  Kimberly always called to follow up on their progress and expressed concern for how they were doing.  I put my complete confidence in John and Kimberly, who always had my daughters’ best interest at heart!  -Sarah B., Tampa FL

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