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Benefits of Summer Reading For Improving Children’s Academic Abilities: Elite Scholar Academy

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What is ESA’s Summer Book Blitz Reading Program?

Summer is here, and that means fun in the sun and the Summer Reading Program at our school! This super engaging Program holds students accountable as they are guided through reading over the long break. Why is summer reading important?

The brain is like a muscle; exercise it, and it gets stronger. If students spend the summer months not reading, that muscle will atrophy.  Then it is challenging to get back into “reading and learning shape” in the fall.

Our Summer Book Blitz Reading Program ensures that your child will not only maintain, but also enhance reading skills and capabilities, while having fun doing so!  Students are guided and motivated through books and stories across many genres. There are engaging assignments related to the books and motivational rewards too!  Who wants to be a reading super-star this summer?

Why Summer Reading is Important?

Summer fun means sleeping late, playing outside, and being with friends. But did you know reading during the summer is super important to incorporate ? Here’s why:

Reading stops the “Summer Slide” – Unfortunately, students are no longer required to even read much, if at all, during the school year. When reading comes to a complete halt during the summer, it is proven that 100% of students have a 25% loss in academic skills. This equates to 3 months of learning loss.

Boosts Reading Power- Just like a sports player trains for a big match, students are automatically readers who need to grow their reading power. The more reading during summer, the easier it gets to tackle tougher books and material. They can then focus longer when school begins again.

Makes Understanding Concepts Easier – When students dive into books that truly grab their attention, it boosts understanding skills through new words and ways of writing from different writers and stories. Through tales of deep-sea adventures or stories about ninjas who love pizza, reading for fun makes the mind stronger!

Books Open Endless Doors by Sparking Creativity and Dreams – During the summer months, there is extra time to dive into make believe worlds, imagine the characters and enjoy the rich writing. A lively imagination makes reading, writing, and problem solving easier!

Begins a Lifetime Habit – Kids who read for fun during the summer tend to keep reading as grown-ups.  Reading eases stress, entertains, and teaches new concepts. It’s a good, fun habit to have for life that is best and easiest to establish when young.

So learn to keep on reading this summer through our awesome program!  Prevent summer slide, build skills, and have a blast exploring new books and activities!  Call today (813) 382-6106.

You might have heard the phrase lately, known as The Science of Literacy

What if your child’s reading proficiency increased by 30%? How about forty or fifty percent? Your child will significantly enhance their abilities and gain confidence for the new school year with the correct summer activities.

What is The Science of Literacy?

Teaching kids to read is vital. Utilizing The Science of Literacy is how it’s done best. All the aspects help all kids, even if they find reading hard.  It is the best way to teach kids to read better. Unfortunately, not all schools focus on it. The good news is, Elite Scholar Academy can teach your kids this summer!

Elite Scholar Academy teaches kids to read and enhance their reading skills using The Science of Literacy.  We successfully transform children who DISLIKE reading into kids who love books and have new found self confidence.

The Five Pillars of Reading or The Science of Literacy is composed of:

  • Phonemic Awareness- Hearing sounds in words
  • Phonics-matches sounds with letters
  • Fluency-easily recall of words
  • Vocabulary- collection of new, harder words
  • Comprehension – Understanding, analyzing, joining and using what is read

Our summer reading program will have a significant impact on your child’s achievement in the future.

Although we are biased, we believe our summer reading program is the greatest for helping your kids become better readers this summer!


Elite Scholar Academy’s Summer Book Blitz Reading Program 🌞📚

Get ready for an unforgettable summer of reading adventures!

Elite Scholar Academy is thrilled to offer our Summer Book Blitz Reading Program!

Here’s why your child won’t want to miss it:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Confidence and Belonging

Your child is welcomed, motivated and encouraged each and every session!

✨ Prevent “Summer Slide”

Staying engaged with reading during the summer is guaranteed to prevent learning loss over break. Maintain and improve essential literacy skills for next school year.

🎨 Creative Reading Activities

Hands-on activities that bring books to life and keep reading engaging.

📚 Discover New Favorite Books

Explore new books across all genres. Find books perfectly matched to your child’s interests.

🌈 Cultivate Lifelong Reading Habits

Foster a love of reading, build confidence, comprehension and a passion for books. Learning to read for fun reduces stress and sparks imagination.

Don’t let your child’s reading skills go on vacation!  Join the Elite Scholar Academy Summer Book Bltiz Reading Program for fun and learning. Call for enrollment, (813) 382-6106.


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